About Us

Welcome to Eternal Beauty Outlet!

From the very beginning, we’ve been dreamers. We envisioned a world where beauty enthusiasts could find everything they desire in one place, and thus Eternal Beauty Outlet was born.

Our mission is simple:

Celebrate the power of beauty in our lives and redefine beauty standards through our products and campaigns.

At Eternal Beauty Outlet, we believe in the beauty of possibilities. We’re not just a store; we’re a movement, a community dedicated to changing the way the world sees beauty. With our Beauty & campaign, we aim to inspire and encourage everyone to embrace their unique beauty, whatever that may look like.

Our Vision: We aspire to become the most beloved global beauty store for our customers and the most admired retailer for our associates, communities, partners, and investors.

Our Mission: We source the best beauty products from every corner of the world to cater to the needs of every customer who may have individual needs for their skincare routines.

Our Values: We prioritize safety, cruelty-free, and eco-friendliness when choosing which brands to partner with. We believe that beauty and self-care are for everyone, and we’re committed to fostering a culture of respect and acceptance.

Why You’ll Love Shopping With Us?

At Eternal Beauty Outlet, we have sourced great products, with beautiful ingredients, we’re transparent with our customers and we don’t sell them fake benefits.

We can get you connected to the appropriate product for your needs, you get really good value for money, we get a regular customer, the consumption of unneeded product falls and money is no longer wasted.

It’s a real puzzler why we’re not the best online beauty store. For the sake of the environment, we need to be number one.

About Our Founder – Olivia Grace

Olivia Grace founded Eternal Beauty Outlet in 2020. Olivia aims to challenge the beauty industry by providing customers with cosmetic and beauty products that suit their personalities and are eco-friendly. It’s Olivia’s belief that this online store adheres to an “against animal testing” policy. In other words, Eternal Beauty Outlet won’t source products from any suppliers that test any of its materials on animals for any purpose.

Olivia’s fight against overpackaging in the cosmetic industry is another priority. This is why the majority of our products are designed to be solid and can be sold without packaging.

Olivia’s enduring love and enthusiasm for her work, as well as the beauty and online retail industries, remain at the heart of her determination to make Eternal Beauty Outlet the best online beauty store we all want it to be.